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goody goody diner
5900 natural bridge
st. louis mo 63120
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee..I wonder what chicken and waffles taste like together?" Well you no longer have to ponder over the greatness that is chicken and waffles! Goody Goody Diner offers everything you could ever want under one roof. Goody has a great story behind it. What's that? You want to know more! Well look no further than below and enjoy the great history that is Goody Goody!

Connelly's Goody Goody had its beginning during the dark days of the Depression. The site on Natural Bridge was originally the home of the very-first walk-up "A and W" root beer stand in 1931. To this day, you can still "get that frosty mug sensation" here. As the automotive industry flourished in the 1940s and Americans hit the road in masses, stay-at-home dining was out, and the "Drive In" became the new sensation. In 1948, Cecil Thompson transformed the old "A and W" root beer stand into the Goody Goody Drive In. In its infancy, the new diner only seated a mere 38 hungry customers. Hungry St. Louisans could pull into Goody Goody 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and receive the best curb service in town. Parents would drive to the restaurant while their children expressed their delight and excitement by chanting "goody goody" in anticipation of a tasty treat. That's how we got our name. Benny Goodman and Helen Ward even popularized the Mercer song "Goody Goody" in the early 1930s. By that time, the Goody Goody Drive-In was a well known institution in our town.

Herb and Viola Connelly made it an even bigger hit in 1954. Goody Goody became the place to "cruise". Many notable neighborhood businesses popped up during the 50s and 60s. Many may still remember the Mel Rose Pizzeria, Ed's White Front BBQ, Sam the Watermelon Man and the Thunderbird Drive-in, but the Goody Goody was the "in" place. Energetic carhops would deliver your made-to-order meal on a metal "window" tray. Who would have thought the youngest carhop on the staff would someday become the owner.

Herb Connelly's brother, Ray, came to work at Goody Goody in 1956 as the manager of the night shift. Ray worked here until 1968 when he moved to Florida and opened his own restaurant. Ray is now 84 and living with his wife Ann in Orlando. The Diner has not always been just breakfast and lunch. From 1948 till 1977 the Diner was open for all three meals; seven days a week.

In the late 60s, Richard Connelly purchased the popular diner from his parents, Herb and Viola. During that turbulent and quickly changing era, St. Louis was changing, as was the rest of America. Herb and Viola retired and several nearby family food establishments moved away. It would have been the end of the Goody Goody Diner as well, but in 1981, Richard and his wife, Laura made a renewed commitment to the restaurant and the neighborhood. They began operating the business under the Connelly family name. From that day forward the diner has been "Connelly's Goody Goody Diner".

Major renovation took place throughout the 1980s. By 1990, the diner was able to serve 110 customers. Many other new features were added to bring the restaurant into the era. New coolers, a second story storage space and the entire appearance both inside and outside was completely modernized. Goody Goody now has the capacity to serve large groups, accommodate breakfast meetings, and provide box lunches. It would be an understatement to say Richard is dedicated to this landmark restaurant. After all, it is the only job he has ever had! Richard's ongoing presence, and the help and support of his wife, Laura, and a dedicated staff are keys to the diner's lasting success.

The Goody Goody Diner has proudly reached a milestone that only a handful of restaurants have achieved: Our 58th year of business. Our outstanding reputation has led local as well as national magazines to feature Goody Goody as a place where the food is good and the service comes with a smile. The Goody Goody Diner is one of the few St. Louis eateries listed in the nationally published book Eat Your Way Across the USA, and Road Food. We are grateful to the many "regulars" who have faithfully frequented the diner on a daily basis, and are proud to say that many celebrities, sports personalities, and politicians including former Vice President Al Gore have also had the Goody Goody experience.

Even though much may have changed at Goody Goody over the years, some things will always remain the same. Simplicity, freshness and value will never be compromised. We are not "fast" food, just good food as fast as possible.

Goody Goody Diner hopes to keep offering St. Louis, and it's visitors from around the world, made-to-order specialties and modern versions of popular items, while we maintain the "stand-by" diner items. We will always be committed to the tradition of Goody Goody: Providing home-cooked meals at modest prices, served by pleasant and loyal employees. Our staff is one of the best in St. Louis. We will continue to be a positive representative of North St. Louis City as well as strive to meet the needs of both the residents and the businesses in our community. Hopefully by providing a friendly family atmosphere, we will get to know you personally.

We would love to have you as a "regular". Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Richard and Laura Connelly

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goody goody diner

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