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grassi's west
10450 german boulevard st
st. louis, mo 63131

Grassi's is definitely a place you have to go out of your way to find, but it's so good you will want to leave breadcrumbs to make sure you find your way back. You just won't use the breadcrumbs from Grassi's because they are too good to waste. With a cafeteria style lunch line and quick yet friendly staff greeting you at the door, it's the perfect place to get good quality food on the cheap and usually very quickly. Regulars mostly just walk up, say "yes" (when asked if they want a salad because everyone does), say things like "Becky Debbie" or "Terry Special" and then pay and enjoy their meal. Grassi's is something very unique and should be enjoyed by all. To learn more about this great establishment, look no further than below and just know...they are closed on Sundays.

Its original location was on "the Hill" and served the local community from the corner of Kingshighway and Potomac. In 1976, Grassi's opened its second location in what was then "West County" on the southwest corner of Route 66 (Lindbergh) and Conway. A few years later, Grassi's third location was opened in the "Central West End" along Euclid.

The original location and the third location have been closed for many years. The second location has endured "the test of time" and is thriving amongst the lively "midtown" communities of � Frontenac, Creve Coeur, Olivette, Westwood, Huntleigh, and Ladue. In 1996, Grassi's second location moved from the corner of Lindbergh Blvd and Conway to its current niche at 10450 German Blvd.

Over the past 40 years, Grassi's has had five different owners � Frank Grassi ("the Hill"), Jerry Watts (Central West End), Vito Agnello ('76 � '93), Glen Pariani ('93 � '12), and Frank Dyer ('12 � present).

Grassi's unique location has it surrounded by many of St. Louis' most recognized private high schools � St. Joseph's Academy, MICDS, Chaminade, Villa Duchesne, CBC, and John Burroughs. In addition, Grassi's proudly serves the many employees of Monsanto's World Headquarters.

Grassi's menu is simple Italian and the service is fast. Grassi's cafeteria style lay-out could arguably be the original Italian "quick service restaurant". The Italian salad and hot ham and beef sandwich ("House Special") are memorable and the most popular menu items. The dressings, sauces, meatballs, and roast beef are all made fresh from original family recipes.

Grassi's proudly maintains its "from the Hill" roots. Our bread is baked daily by Joe Fazio's Bakery, our pizza shells are fresh from Vitale's Bakery, our cheesecake and "gooey butter cakes" are baked locally, and when available, we buy our produce from local farmers. Grassi's is a constant in an ever-changing world! via tater patch's website

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