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Did you know that Oklahmoa Joe's is actually located inside a gas station? Who ever knew that opening a restaurant inside a gas station would be so successful? Apparently Jeff Stehney, the owner of Oklahoma Joe's, knew. Be prepared to wait in line no matter what time of day you visit the illustrious Oklahoma Joe's because the demand is always there. In a city known for some of the best BBQ on the planet, Oklahoma Joe's definitely has a flavor worth tasting even with all the competition in town. At the end of this review there is a link to all the awards they have won over the years...a very long list.

The best part about Oklahoma Joe's has to be the fact that when you order your food and slide down to pay, the food is right there and ready for you. Think a delicious BBQ version of Subway. It is literally that quick...once you get past the long line that is. The sides are extra, but one order of fries can easily feed two hungry people so you really get what you pay for. All of the sandwhiches are delicious and some are even unique. They also have the traditional beef, chicken, etc. sandwhiches if you are more of the traditionalist type. There are not many seats available in the house, but it seems to be just the right amount. Also, since Oklahoma Joe's is located in a convienent gas station, they have shelves that have all of their famous rub's and sauces ready for you to purchase. So even if you can't stay for the food, be sure to grab some of their product on your way out.

History of Oklahoma Joe's:
Born the son of an immigrant Lithuanian lamp maker, Jeff Stehney, Oklahoma Joe's owner, got his first taste of . . . . .
Sorry, that's the wrong story.

Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue and Catering can be traced to competition barbecue and the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). Tagging along with friends at the American Royal and The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle was all the inspiration Jeff needed to get started cooking on his own. The first smoker purchased was an Oklahoma Joe's 24" smoker, christened below in April 1991.

The competition team, Slaughterhouse Five, went through some personnel changes the first two years and by 1993, Jeff, his wife and business partner Joy, and Jim Howell were ready to make their mark on the KCBS competition circuit. And make their mark they did, winning eight Grand Championships, including the prestigious American Royal BBQ, three Reserve Grand Championships, and the Kansas City Barbeque Society's Grand Champion "Team of the Year" in 1993. Over the next several seasons Slaughterhouse Five won dozens more awards and was generally recognized as one of the top competition BBQ teams in the Country.

All of this eventually lead to the opening of Oklahoma Joe's restaurant in Kansas City, KS. Oklahoma Joe's has gained a local and national reputation for outstanding barbecue. The Zagat national restaurant survey rated Oklahoma Joe's "Excellent" for Barbecue in 2000. The local Pitch Weekly gave the restaurant 3 1/2 stars in 2001. Oklahoma Joe's has been featured on numerous local television segments and nationally on CBS 'Sunday Morning'. The Food Network on Anthony Bourdain's "A Cooks Tour", and a PBS barbecue series featuring Rick Brown.

Links: OklahomaJoe' List of Awards Shop Oklahoma Joe's Online Catalog
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