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Construction Management
Market Valuations
Investors, property owners and retail tenants look to Central Realty to identify market based values which significantly assist them in determining their strategies in various markets. Central Realty understands local factors and regional trends which affect these markets. Our wealth of knowledge and contacts places our team ahead of the curve and assures our clients of their position.

Central Realty property managers and brokers present options and make recommendations which best represent our client’s priorities in local markets.

Property Inspections
We can assist in the due diligence process by making inspections of properties under contract or being considered for purchase or refinancing. An investor may need the expertise we provide with over 150 combined years of experience of our brokers and property managers in the Midwest region.

Strategic Planning
If our client has several properties or business locations, we look at the local issues and challenges, as well as the regional matters which may impact the clients expansion or disposition plans.

Our team takes a hands-on approach and makes their recommendations based on first hand knowledge as opposed to hypothetical assumptions. It is quite obviously more effective to be able to quote a local individual’s comments and verify their information – a city or county official or key business leader - than assume positions and planning based on hearsay or presumptions.

Expert Witness
Central Realty professionals are experienced in property investment, property and asset management services, and have transaction expertise to appear as a witness. The addition of an expert witness can significantly bolster a client’s case.



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