Are You an Investor?

Central Realty has worked with accredited investors to purchase numerous retail and industrial properties in 8 Midwestern states. Our Investments are the result of our 75 years of collective expertise and success in management, brokerage and ownership of Commercial Property in our region.

Our method of Investment is simple but often goes against the tide of traditional real estate investments. We place great value in our ability to manage, operate, maintain and grow a property. With that in mind we seek to:

Purchase properties below replacement cost.

Property locations are in stable communities but usually “below the radar screen” of higher profile investors

High vacancies in centers purchased allow for an opportunity to significantly enhance value.

Utilize our relationships with national and regional tenants that seek to be in these markets.

Benefit from the limited competition in these markets which we believe adds to stability

Utilize our existing talented personnel and infrastructure

Returns that are actually achievable with low risk to property and Investors